AI-Powered Risk Management | Harnessing AI for Effective Risk Mitigation


Ever wonder if machines could outsmart risk? Watch this mind-bending webinar where we challenge conventional wisdom and dive into the unknown territories of AI-powered risk management. From predicting the unpredictable to automating the manual, we'll unravel the concerns and doubts towards AI's role in reshaping risk mitigation strategies.

Can AI truly revolutionize our approach to risk management, or are there limitations that warrant caution? Don't be left in the dark - secure your spot now and let's together unravel the mysteries, confront the reservations, and embrace the transformative potential of AI in safeguarding our future.

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What will be covered?đź’ˇ

  •  Understanding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
    • Constructing the Foundation – The Building Blocks of Machine Learning
    • Practical Applications – Exploring the Real-World Impact of AI
    • Is this Really AI? Common Misunderstandings

  • Empowering Security – What Are the Benefits for Security Professionals? 
    • Harnessing Machine Learning & AI for Effective Security Risk Management
    • Guest Speaker: Andrew Sheves founder of DCDR Risk 
      • Three Use-Cases to buy time: Repetitive Tasks, Research 
      •  Building a Team of AI (aka Brainstorming workflows)
      • AIXP: Blend AI + experience for the best results
  • Human Risks’ Work with Machine Learning 
    • Decoding Danger? – AI-Driven Risk Analysis
    • Pattern Recognition – This Looks Familiar!
    • Auto-Generated Texts for Risk Management – Texts by Robots, Strategies by Humans
    • Demonstration
  •  Challenges and Concerns (Panel Discussion) 
    • Topics:
      • Exploring Challenges and Concerns in Machine Learning & AI within Security
      • Legal Implications and Compliance
      • Bias in Algorithms and Decision-making
      • Now or Never? Dilemma of Implementing New Technologies
  • Q&A

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Mads Pærregaard
CEO & Founder of Human Risks
Ole Batting

Machine Learning Engineer of Human Risks


webinar speaker 3
Andrew Sheves

Founder of DCDR Risk



Andrew Tollinton
Co-Founder of SIRV
Pauline Norstrom
 CEO & Founder of Anekanta® Consulting and Anekanta® AI
Mads Pærregaard
CEO & Founder of Human Risks